Alexander Bermange Gig, London, 6th September

Although I never considered myself a “real” blogger and this is not a “real” review but I feel confident enough to share few thoughts on some events that I had a pleasure of visiting. So the first one is extremely positive on recent Alexander Bermange’s gig in The Pheasantry  at Pizza Express. Now you must forgive me on lacking in knowledge of all song names and being a bit overemotional about the whole thing, but it indeed was very enjoyable evening. Unfortunately I knew nothing about the author before the concert, but grabbed my ticket as soon as one of my most favorite musical theater actresses Kim Ismay announced that she’ll be there. She was accompanied by other West End stars, Gina Beck (who was my first Glinda), Sam Lupton (who was and is so far the only Boq I’ve ever seen) and Michael Colbourne – so evening lineup was very promising. And it completly exceeded my expectations.

From the “Opening number” untill the very last note of the last song I just couldn’t stop laughing – music and words go so brilliantly together and actual lyrics is so witty, some moments I wanted to grab a pen and started to copy quotes as I loved the way author plays with words and rhythm and intonation – that was something I’ve never heard before.

It’s extremely hard to make any choice of which parts and songs I enjoyed the most as they all were so funny and reliable and simply amazing. I think the highlights for me personally were both songs about Underground and Prince Harry from Alexander himself. Also obviously enough – two songs brilliantly performed by Kim Ismay (forgive me for the favoritism but I adore her acting and voice and really missed it recently). Especially “We never had it so good” which is a very catchy tune, I’ve been humming this for two days now already. And another song which was about being part of small gig made me almost fall from the chair from laughter as the mixture of words and tune and Kim’s comedy talent made a perfect combination. Also I really loved both songs sung by Gina Beck, who made me remember why I loved her Glinda so much – lovely and funny and not afraid to laugh about self. And another very catchy song about life as a musical was by Sam Lupton, I really liked the way he delivered this little story, that might be a dream of so many people. Although for me it’s questionable, depends on musical. And that “Defying Gravity” riff at the end…maybe we already found new London Elphaba?:)

If I continue to choose the song I liked the most I think I’ll go on and just mention them all as each and every of them were so well-written, very reliable and funny, and they were performed by wonderful people who not only insanely talented but also can share a good laugh about themselves.

To be able to make it on this gig on time I had to wake up at 3 AM, take a flight from Amsterdam to London, spent a night at the airport and take the early flight back home. But I would do that all agin without any hesitation, as the perfect day in my favorite city ended with a perfect evening is something that really worth every minute traveling.


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